Studio Evolution
karaoke catalogue

A rich base of songs offered by Evolution systems is a true Klondike for a karaoke fan.

The Studio Evolution base includes:

Songs in Pro format

Песни в формате PRO
High-quality modulation

Sample 1

Sample 2

With low-quality modulation, you can hear there is a “gurgling” sound, “clicks.” The song rhythm may even “drift”.

Pro songs with backing vocals

Функция бэк вокала
Karaoke tracks with background vocals and without a lead singer’s voice

Sample 3

Sample 4

Sample 5

Karaoke tracks with both background vocals and a lead singer’s voice

Sample 3.1

Sample 4.1

Sample 5.1

Songs in CDG format

CDG songs for Lite2
CDG tracks are standard audio sound tracks with graphics provided by Sunfly company (UK).

Songs in Lite format

Lite format songs for Evolution Lite2

Sample 6

Sample 7

The Evolution МХ6 software midi-unit ensures a brand-new sound quality for karaoke tracks in Lite format.

Additional location-specific track databases

Your personal account allows you to switch between track bases available in different languages including Italian, Japanese, Uzbek, Kazakh, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Latvian, Moldovan, German, Tatar and even Korean.

World ROCK covers in Russian

Excellent compositions from RADIO TAPOK – this is a fresh look at the classics of world rock.

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Package of duet songs

Package of duet songs

Orange, green, blue and purple —

now each vocal part has its own color of titles!

Hits in the arrangement of guitar and accordion

гитарные песни с аккордами


Sing your favorite songs with a completely new atmospheric sound of phonograms exclusively in Studio Evolution karaoke systems.

1000+ popular karaoke tracks performed by acoustic guitar or accordion.

Tons of the official video clips

Singing a favorite song accompanied by an official video is a special treat, indeed.

The Evolution system can boast of thousands of popular music videos synchronized with karaoke tracks.

Удобный поиск композиций

Find your favorite song in the online catalogue

Install and run our EvoClub User app on your smartphone. It contains a complete database of the Evolution karaoke system songs including the latest hits.

Visit the website
Обновление онлайн

Update a track catalogue of your karaoke system

Login to your personal account, register, add your karaoke system, pay for an update and download new songs online.

Login to your account
Качественная музыка

Request your favorite songs

Register your personal account and you’ll get an opportunity to add new songs by requesting our KJs.

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Update your system and get 1200 new hits

Every update includes the 100 most popular karaoke tracks. The track list is completed according to the latest musical trends in various locations, well-known charts and your preferences.

During the year, you will receive 12 updates of our karaoke catalogue. That means, your system’s database will be always full of the chart-topping hits!


Update packages
for the Evolution karaoke system

Watch the Update packages review, learn the difference and choose the best package for your karaoke system.

Update package name


1 Year


1 Month

Number of updates 12 updates 12 updates 13+ updates 1 update
Karaoke systems compatible with the update package Evolution Pro2 Evolution Pro2, Evolution Lite2, Evolution Lite22019, Evolution Lite22019 Plus, Evolution Lite22019 Premium, Evolution Compact HD, Evolution Home HD, Evolution Home HD v2.0
Can I download and install the update on my own? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Is there an opportunity to download and install
the update using Studio Evolution service center?
Is there an opportunity to download and
install tracks a few times per week,
when they are ready to download?
Price, USD 500 450 700 70
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