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Evolution Pro2
Evolution Pro2

Professional karaoke for a successful business

Karaoke system
Evolution Pro2

Professional karaoke system from Studio Evolution for your karaoke club

Maximum functionality and reliability

To solve the most ambitious tasks of your karaoke business, Evolution Pro2 takes into account all the wishes of sound engineers and karaoke club owners.

4,000+ karaoke clubs

The Evolution Pro 2 professional karaoke system is used in karaoke clubs in the USA, Canada, Europe and even in African countries.

The best sound quality karaoke machine
Features of the professional karaoke system Evolution Pro2

Work in dual screen mode

Connect the Evolution Pro2 to the karaoke DJ’s monitor and to the guest screens in the hall. Using the keyboard, mouse and monitor, the karaoke DJ searches songs, manages the queue, orders and effects, and changes the settings of the karaoke system. Guests of the karaoke club see only karaoke titles and video clips on the screens.

High-end karaoke system

Control karaoke anywhere in the club

All the necessary settings and controls for the Evolution Pro2 karaoke system are available in the EvoControl application: mixer and equalizer, order processing, queue management, recording, playlists, background music, and more.

Make every guest a star

Use the built-in voice processing effects: 3 types of Delay and 3 types of Reverb. Make your guests' performances bright and unforgettable!

Take orders from guests ONLINE

Thanks to the free EvoClub User application, club guests can view the full Studio Evolution karaoke catalog, add songs to Favorites and send orders to the karaoke DJ along with individual settings with tempo and tone of the composition. You, as the Karaoke DJ, can approve or reject the order. Simple, fast and convenient!

You make the rules

Using the “Black list” option, hide a particular karaoke song. Some songs from the catalog may not comply with the format and rules of your club, some may be prohibited at the legislative level - just hide them from the guest using the list of unwanted songs.

Don't miss the breaks. Dance!

Playing background music during pauses between performances is a great opportunity for club guests to change focus. Load the music suitable for the club format into the playlist of the karaoke system and create the desired dance mood.

Find the right song quickly

Thanks to the smart and fast search in Evolution Pro2, you can find songs even by words from the lyrics. You can also search the entire catalog, separately by artists or song titles - even with errors and abbreviations, the search will return the desired result.

Only the honest evaluation!

You can use the modern "SmartScoring" algorithm to automatically evaluate the quality of performance. The algorithm is based on comparing the key of the vocalist's performance with the key of the reference part, that is based on the correct hitting of the notes, and is the most correct of all automatic methods for evaluating singing. The sound engineer also has the opportunity to manually score the performance when it is necessary to support the guest and provide him with a flurry of applause, slightly correcting the assessment of the singing.

Who is next?

You always know the order of orders in the queue. Club guests see their queue in EvoClub User, as well as the general queue on the guest screens of the karaoke club.

Song release on YouTube in the morning, in your karaoke club in the evening

As part of the “Club” update package, we release new songs several times a week — your guests will be able to sing new songs in karaoke literally immediately after their release on music services.

Everything is under your control! All online!

The personal account for the karaoke system helps you order the required update package and pay for it online, provides information about available update packages, system sale date and warranty period, and also allows you to send an order to add a new song. Notifications about the new software version will help you update your karaoke system in time and use all modern features.

multilingual catalog

For 20+ years, our professional musicians and editors have been working on a daily basis to create the largest professional karaoke catalog. Guests of the karaoke club, where Evolution Pro2 is installed, have access to the full catalog of Studio Evolution songs. Sing and be happy!

80 000+

professional karaoke songs in the full Studio Evolution catalog

Songs in
20+ languages

In our catalog you will find songs in: English, Italian, Ukrainian, Japanese, Uzbek, Kazakh, Turkish, Latvian, Moldovan songs, Azerbaijani, Kyrgyz, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romanian, Uzbek, Belarusian, Hungarian, Hindi, Tatar, German, Korean, Spanish and French.

new songs

every month and updating songs several times a week

Genres, selections
and covers

Many genres and unique karaoke selections, as well as modern cover versions of famous world songs

14 000+

original music videos for your favorite songs


For a Karaoke DJ

EvoControl is a free application that allows you to control the karaoke system, take orders from guests, set and adjust settings.

EvoClub User
For guests

EvoClub User is a free catalog application for karaoke club guests. Find songs, add them to your favorites, send orders to the karaoke DJ and keep track of the queue.

Karaoke Catalog
Update Packs for Evolution Pro2

Any of the update packages can be selected and paid online in your account. After the purchase of your karaoke system, you will be able to download songs within the selected update package.

1 month
You can choose any of the monthly update packages available in your account. It is suitable when your guests require a specific song that is included in a specific monthly update.
Without VAT
1 year
The song pack consists of 12 monthly updates. At the end of each month, you get access to download all the songs as part of the monthly update.
Without VAT
The package includes 12 monthly updates. Unlike the 1 year package, as part of the monthly update, new songs become available for download several times a week as they are produced in our music studios.
Without VAT
Relevant for karaoke systems that have not been updated for a long time and which missed 13 or more monthly updates. After purchasing the Yesterday package, all the songs released by Studio Evolution to date will be available to your karaoke system, as if you had just purchased it.
Without VAT
free delivery
Fast worldwide delivery
We will deliver professional karaoke equipment to any country right to your doorstep.
12 months warranty
We will provide free warranty repair or replacement with similar equipment.
comfort pay
Payment by any method
Choose the most convenient payment method for you from a variety of payment options for karaoke equipment.

Evolution Pro 2 Karaoke System

Professional karaoke system from Studio Evolution for your karaoke club
Without VAT

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