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Note: сompany «Studio Evolution» strongly recommends the monitor engineer to use a widescreen monitor with a minimum diagonal of 22 “, as the «Evolution Pro2» interface is designed for these requirements.

Maximum functionality and reliability

or solution of the most ambitious tasks in your karaoke business

“Evolution Pro2” takes into account all sound engineers’ and karaoke club owners’ requests! This device knows no equals in the karaoke systems market!

Мужчина держит логотип Evolution Pro2

Sound recording of the karaoke club’s guests’ performance in a real time mode

Качественная запись звука
Due to implementation complexity and inconvenience of use, guests’ performance recording hasn’t become widespread in karaoke clubs.

The “Evolution Pro2” karaoke system allows to implement the performers’ recording only with one mouse click! And after that, it is also possible to copy the recorded audio track from the karaoke system HDD to an external flash storage device.

View video

Control your karaoke
system on the tablet
The updated EvoControl application allows you to manage any karaoke event using a tablet.
All necessary settings and controls can be accessed via the app: mixer and equalizer, song request processing, customer chat, queue management, performance recording, playlists, and background music management.
Приложение EvoControl для Pro2
Integration with
the “EvoClub” system
EvoClub” is one of revolutionary features of the “Evolution Pro2” karaoke system. This is a really innovative option thanks to which relationship of karaoke clubs with their customers will reach a conceptually new level.

The “EvoClub” system components are:

Part 1

A unit integrated to the “Evolution Pro2” karaoke system.

Part 2

A software to be installed on a pad device (iOS and Android) that is given to the karaoke club Administrator or a guest.

Part 3

An application that the karaoke club’s guests install on their smartphone (iOS or Android).

EvoClub on iPad
Логотип Evoclub Admin

Search and order of songs for the club guests done by the Administrator using iPad.
* included in the basic features set

Download EvoClub Admin Series
Логотип Evoclub Guest

Search and order of songs done by the karaoke club guests themselves as well as communication through the internal chat between the guests using a pad device given by the karaoke club administration.

Download EvoClub Guest Series Download EvoClub Guest Series
Логотип Evoclub User

Search and order of songs from your smartfone.

Download EvoClub User Series Download EvoClub User Series

Extra effects of vocalist’s voice processing

Настройка звуковых эффектов
For the “Evolution Pro2”, we have considerably enhanced the capabilities of in-built vocal processing: 3 types of Delay and 3 types of Reverb, as well as possibility to connect a compressor to each microphone. Now you can make the performance of your club’s guests even more striking and unforgettable!

*the record was made on the “Evolution Pro2” karaoke system

A “black list” of undesirable songs

Боремся с пиратским контентом
Some tracks in the karaoke database may be out of your entertainment place concept – therefore, they must not sound at the karaoke party.

To prevent playback of undesirable songs, you can add them to the “black list” right away (this function is accessible only to the Administrator).

Full HD karaoke support

Поддержка Full HD
You can upload to the “Evolution Pro2” karaoke system your own video in the best quality – Full HD. The uploaded video can be used as the background to be displayed during karaoke tracks playback.

Thousands of original video clips

It is a special delight to perform a song accompanied by the original video clip.

Thousands of music video clips synchronized with karaoke tracks have been added to the “Evolution Pro2” karaoke system. Full immersion of listeners in concert atmosphere is guaranteed!

High quality key adjustment for Pro format tracks.

Настройки темпа и тона
As it is known, each performer’s voice has its individual features.

High quality modulation of Pro (“minus 1”) format tracks is a much more complicated task than modulation of tracks in the Lite format (midi files) – any sound engineer can confirm this. The “Evolution Pro2” device adopts unique algorithms providing high quality adjustment of Pro tracks key and tempo within sufficiently broad range without audible distortions and artefacts.


Examples of modulation in Pro format

Poor modulation causes “gurgling”, “snaps”, the rhythm of the backing track begins to “float”.

Song smart search

Удобный поиск композиций
Your karaoke club guest can’t recall the exact title of the favorite song? That’s not a big trouble!

The smart search function will help you to quickly find the track basing on incomplete information even is there was a mistake made in the search query.

The search can be done by the song title, genre, code, lyrics fragment, language, format and popularity.

Performers’ queue maintenance

Очередь караоке композиций
Regulation of guests’ performances means possibility to add tracks to a list for their further playback by turn. It is possible to adjust the tempo and the key of the chosen tracks before their playback and to add the number of the table from where the song was ordered by the guests.

Assistance during performance

Живые инструменты
In the “Evolution Pro2” karaoke system, prompting melody is recorded even for Pro format tracks!!!

The “Evolution Pro2” karaoke system provides two auxiliary tools for a performer:

  1. Countdown before the start of performance.
  2. Prompting melody, that helps to correctly catch the song key and rhythm of the music trackPrompting melody that helps to correctly catch the song key and rhythm of the music track (switched off on default).

Creation of the regular guests’ playlists

Проигрывай любые видео и музыку
Each karaoke club guest has a list of his or her favourite tracks – the songs he/she often sings coming to the karaoke club.

In order that the sound engineer could more conveniently find these songs, we added to the “Evolution Pro2” karaoke system the “Regular Guests’ Playslists” function providing the following features:

  • adding of songs to a personal guest’s list
  • adjustment of tempo and key for the tracks in the guest’s playlist
  • the sound engineer can add notes regarding the guest’s preferences

We are sure that karaoke clubs’ sound engineers and regular guests will appreciate this useful and handy feature.

Background music between the karaoke club quests’ performances

Качественная музыка
Background music is necessary for filling the music pauses between the karaoke club quests’ performances.

In previous versions of “Evolution” professional karaoke systems, external players (Winamp) have been used. For the “Evolution Pro2” karaoke system, we developed its own convenient in-built player for music tracks playback.

View video

Operation in a dual screen mode

The “Evolution Pro2” professional karaoke system provides connection of two screens. This allows to display service information on the sound engineer’s monitor and to show the song’s lyrics on the user’s screens in the karaoke club hall.
Interfase scrin and monitor

Automatic performance scoring

The “Evolution Pro2” karaoke system adopts a leading edge procedure for performance scoring – the “smartscoring”.
Интеллектуальная оценка пения балами

An automatic scoring of song performance was always a questionable issue. Karaoke devices estimated only coincidence of the voice flow with changing of subtitles colour filling. Therefore, to get a higher score it was enough just to loudly sing in duet.

Smartscoring is based on comparison of the performer’s voice tune with that of the reference melody (the reference melody is recorded for each track), that is on correct “hitting” the notes.

In our opinion, this performance scoring algorithm is the most proper of all automatic methods of singing estimation. This function can be used for conduction of contests between karaoke club guests.

Don’t forget that
the most objective appraisal
of a skillfully performed song is enthusiastic reaction of the listeners and their thunderous applause!

Online download of ordered updates to the karaoke system

Обновление онлайн
With the Internet connection of the “Evolution Pro2” karaoke system available, you can download updates from a remote server in online mode.

Personal Area

Личный профиль
After registration of his/her karaoke system on the “Studio Evolution” web site, each “Evolution Pro2” owner gains access to the Personal Area.

The Personal Area gives you the following possibilities:

  • getting full information about the karaoke system: device specification, updates download history, updates available for downloading, the news, etc.
  • updates ordering and payment, for their further downloading to the karaoke system
  • viewing of karaoke track catalogues

Soon we will provide updating of the “Personal Area” service with new features according to your requests!

The price of “Evolution Pro2”
3700 EURO

Evolution Pro2 purchase order
3700 EURO
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