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Aluminum casing. Professional vocal effects. 4K karaoke. An option for you to buy favorite songs in real time.

1210 EURO
The price of the EVOBOX karaoke machine

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karaoke systems EVOBOX
EVOBOX price: 1210 EURO

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Brand-new colors

In addition to classic black, we have added five more colors: silver, graphite, ocean, gold and ruby.
Choose the color of the device casing that best suits your lifestyle.

Awesome casing

The main part of the EVOBOX casing is made of aircraft aluminum — a special alloy that is widely used in the fields of aircraft building and space engineering.
The EVOBOX design is truly unique and impressive. The device’s casing is made of a single block of anodized aluminum.

4K Karaoke

The professional karaoke system supporting HDMI 2.0 standard allows you to enjoy the most clear, sharp and rich images on the screen of your TV set.
The Ultra HD 4K 60FPS pictures will amaze you with their incredible realism and details.

LiveFX Karaoke

We have created a completely new sound effect for karaoke fans.
Our LiveFX is designed individually for each composition in order to create a full sensed-presence effect and relaxing performance environment.
Feel like a star singing on stage in front of thousands of your fans applauding and singing along with you.

Say goodbye to background noise

Since the EVOBOX home karaoke system uses SSD storage and passive cooling technology, it is the “silent ballet”. It makes no background noises that could disturb you.

Top karaoke hits in your EVOBOX

The karaoke system comes with 2 000 preloaded popular songs: 1 800 homegrown and 200 foreign hits.
In addition, you can download 100 SONGS FOR FREE from the Studio Evolution karaoke catalog.

Create your
own karaoke collection

If a pre-installed track base is not enough for you, you can purchase more karaoke songs at any time.
The Studio Evolution catalog is updated every week and includes tens of thousands of songs in fourteen languages ​​of the world.

Legal karaoke content

We cooperate with leading publishers and recording companies of the CIS and Europe.

Our list of copyright holders

Smart control

The EVOBOX karaoke machine is user-friendly and easy-to-control.
A brand-new Bluetooth remote with a full-sized keyboard and function keys will allow you to instantly understand all the settings of the karaoke system.
For gadget fans, we have developed special applications that allow controlling the EVOBOX system with a tablet or smartphone.

The EVOBOX set

The karaoke machine for home comes with the original branded packaging.
In addition to the standard box, it is completed with the transport one that prevents the karaoke device from damages during transportation.

Karaoke system
Bluetooth remote
Power supply
audio cables
HDMI 2.0 cable
User guide

Market launch is planned for autumn 2019

1210 EURO
The price of the EVOBOX karaoke system

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