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What are the working conditions of the karaoke system with an unlimited license (hire purchase)?

For karaoke systems purchased with a limited license, it is imperative to connect the karaoke system to the Internet.
«Evolution PRO2» have to be connected to the Internet each time you start, otherwise the system will work in « Demo mode ». To exit the Demo Mode, you have to connect the karaoke system to the Internet.
At each start of the karaoke system with a limited license, the number of days before the license expiry will be displayed. To renew the license, you have to pay for its further use. After the expiry of the limited license, the karaoke system goes into the Demo Mode.

I am the owner of a karaoke system «Evolution Pro» / «Evolution Lite». How much will it cost me to buy «Evolution Pro2» under the program «Trade-In»?

Conditions value exchange described in detail on page «Trade-In».

How to make disaster recovery?

An emergency recovery rolls back all the settings and restores the karaoke system software to the factory-installed version.
To get into the emergency recovery system, you need to:

  • Switch off all graphic data output devices (TV, projectors, monitors).
  • Connect one main monitor to display the recovery system interface.


*If several graphic data output devices (TV, monitors, etc.) are connected to the karaoke system, then the recovery system boot selection menu will be displayed on one of the devices connected to different video outputs. The display devices will have the following priority:

  • DVI
  • HDMI
  • VGA


For example: if two display devices (TV and monitor) are connected to the karaoke system video outputs: the VGA output (monitor) and the HDMI one (TV), the boot menu will be displayed on the TV connected to the HDMI output.

  • Switch on the karaoke system using the power button on the front panel.
  • Immediately after you see the first boot image, press and hold the left Shift key on the keyboard until the karaoke system boot selection menu is displayed.

* If the boot menu is not displayed, you have to switch off and then to switch on the karaoke system again, and to repeat the procedure.

  • After the boot menu is displayed, select Recovery System using the Down key on the keyboard, and confirm your choice by pressing Enter.
  • Then, after the system recovery interface is booted, select Recover Data with the mouse cursor.
  • After the karaoke system software recovery is finished, select Exit in the bottom left corner with your mouse cursor. The karaoke system will be rebooted.

After the karaoke system data recovery and the interface boot, it is necessary to check for new software (Menu – Settings – Update – Check software update), and to update it if the new one is available.
* To install the software update, the karaoke system should be connected to the Internet.
Description of the recovery system menu items:

  1. File system check – checks the file system of the karaoke system root partition for errors.
    *File system errors may be caused by improper shutdown of the karaoke system during its operation (e.g. power failure), or by the hard drive failure.
  1. Data recovery – recovers the karaoke system software to the factory-installed version.
    *After the software recovery, all settings and saved data (Favorites, Playlists, etc.) will be deleted. The song database, background music, background video, and slides will not be affected. After the data recovery, on condition that the karaoke system is successfully booted, it is necessary to check for a new software version (Menu –Settings – Update – Check software update), and to install it, if it is available.
  2. Connection to a remote server – this option serves for remote connection of the company’s technical support specialist to the karaoke system in case of emergency. To be remotely connected to the server, the karaoke system should be connected to the Internet.
    *Internet connection setup in performed in two ways:
    1. Obtaining an automatic IP address and DNS servers (by default).
    2. Setting up a static IP address and DNS servers. After making changes to the network connection settings, you have to confirm them by pressing the Accept button.

After setting up the Internet connection, click Connect with the mouse cursor. Connection to the server will be accompanied by the message: ‘Connection to the server has been established’; if the connection fails, check whether the network connection settings are correct.
Connection to the server should be done if the software cannot be started even after the data recovery. To enable the company’s specialist to remotely detect the cause of the failure, please contact the technical support beforehand, using the contacts listed on the company’s website: