приложение для караоке


for Evolution Pro2, EVOBOX, Evolution Lite2, Evolution Compact HD, and Evolution Home HD v2

Installed on an iPad and Android tablet, it allows you to control the Evolution Pro2 club system and home karaoke machines.
The application provides song search and playback options; the ability to configure voice processing and backing track effects; manage your playlists, and control the media center (for Evolution Compact HD).

приложение караоке с баллами

EvoClub User

for Evolution Pro2

This application is installed on the smartphones of your karaoke club customers.
It allows karaoke fans to search for tracks in the online catalog; create a list of favorite songs, and send requests to the karaoke host via smartphones.

EvoClub on iPad

EvoClub Guest

for Evolution Pro2

The application is installed on your leisure venue’s tablets that can be used by customers.
It provides karaoke fans with the option to search and request songs online. Also, it enables the ability to send text messages to other performers, and a KJ.



for EVOBOX, Evolution Lite2, Evolution Compact HD, and Evolution Home HD v2

This app is Installed on iOS/Android smartphones and enables full control over your home karaoke system.
Search and play your favorite songs; customize the tempo, tone and voice effects; control your playlists and media center (for Evolution Compact HD).



for Evolution Home HD

Installed on the iPad, this application provides you with the ability to search and play songs; control the media center, and optimize all the functions of your karaoke system according to your taste: control the volume, customize sound processing effects; master equalizer settings for the perfect sound; record your performances.