Payment, shipment, warranty, and return


You can place your order on our website. To do that, either fill out our contact form or fill in our order form with a product name and your contact information.

Once the completed form is submitted, our manager will contact you within half an hour (during working hours) to specify your order, shipment, and payment details.

For your convenience, wу offer the following payment methods:

  1. cashless payments;
  2. cash on delivery after receiving the product in the stock.


доставка караоке систем

Once you have placed your order, you can choose a type of shipment that is convenient for you.

Pick up
You can get the equipment you need in the office of our official or regional representative/dealer.

Delivery services
You can order delivery services and get your karaoke equipment at the delivery point. In addition, you can order a special delivery from the service provider. In this case, the ordered karaoke equipment will be delivered directly to your office or home.

International shipment
All international shipment cases are considered on an individual basis. Contact our official representative for more information.


When purchasing a karaoke system and other equipment from Studio Evolution, you get a warranty card that ensures warranty service.

  1. Warranty service implies free product repair or exchange (for cases when the repair is impossible) during the warranty period.
  2. The warranty card has to be filled out properly and contain the seller’s seal and the date of sale. Otherwise, the warranty cannot be considered valid.
  3. The warranty period is 12 months from the date of the product sale.
  4. Repair procedures covered by the warranty may not exceed 10 working days from the day the broken/defective product arrives at the vendor’s service center.
  5. Consumables and accessories (connecting cables, batteries, documentation, packaging, etc.) are not subject to free exchange, restoration, and repair.
  6. Maintenance services (dusting reading systems, fans, and other components that build up karaoke equipment) are not a part of warranty repair and are performed for a fee.
  7. External damage caused by the extensive use of a device is not subject to free repair.
  8. The service center is not responsible for the delay in performing warranty repairs for reasons beyond its control.
  9. The warranty period can be extended by the time the product is in repair.

The following are cases that are not covered by the warranty:

  1. Violation of the operation rules by the user, including improper storage or transportation of the product‚ mechanical or thermal damage, a deformation that occurred after the product was received by the user.
  2. Equipment misuse.
  3. Unauthorized attempts to disassemble, repair or modify the equipment.
  4. Equipment with missing or damaged Studio Evolution protective sticker.
  5. The equipment was used in a hostile environment: high pollution level, inappropriate temperature regime, high humidity, rain, snow, direct sunlight, etc.
  6. Improper installation and connection of the product.
  7. Natural disasters: (fire, rain, storm, lightning, earthquakes, and other and other force majeure circumstances).
  8. Non-compliance with the rules of care, and careless use of the equipment.
  9. Damage caused by the use of low-quality or used-up components (for example, connecting/power cables) on the side of the user.
  10. Damage caused by moisture ingress.
  11. Damage caused by pets, rodents, and insects (including the products of their life activity).

Returns and Exchanges

Exchanges/returns of serviceable equipment are subject to the following conditions:

  1. the equipment was not in use;
  2. the equipment (including its casing and packing) was not damaged and has all factory seals and labels;
  3. the consumer can present a proper sales receipt or other document proving the purchase.