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Управление Evolution Pro2 с планшета в приложении EvoControl

Control the Evolution Pro2 karaoke system from an Android tablet with the EvoControl application


21th June

The updated EvoControl is already available for Android tablets!


Control the Evolution Pro2 karaoke system from anywhere in your leisure venue! With the brand-new app installed on the tablet, you can:


  • accept and decline song requests sent by clients via the EvoClub applications;
  • manually add clients’ requests;
  • manage the playback queue and table numeration;
  • record client performances in a tap;
  • create and edit playlists of favorite songs for regular clients;
  • change the tone and tempo of songs, control sound effects and audio parameters;
  • set up background music;
  • use the single-screen mode;
  • set login and password secure your karaoke system;
  • chat with clients in real time.


Read the article to learn more about the feature.


With EvoControl on the tablet, the work of a KJ and a karaoke host becomes even easier!

Free EvoControl app

Download EvoControl for Android
The free EvoControl app is ready for installation on the iPad.