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EvoControl для Pro2

Control the Evolution Pro2 karaoke system on your tablet using the EvoControl app


1th April

The updated EvoControl app is a trustworthy assistant of your KJ.

Finally, you can control the karaoke system at your cool spot using a single application:


  • accept or reject song requests sent by clients via the EvoClub application;
  • add song requests yourself;
  • manage the playback queue and table numbering in the most efficient way;
  • record client performances in just one click;
  • create and edit playlists of favorite songs for regular clients;
  • change the tone and tempo of the songs, configure the effects and control all audio settings;
  • manage background music setting;
  • control your karaoke system in the single monitor mode;
  • set login and password to ensure secure access to the karaoke system;
  • chat with clients in real time.


Find more details including screenshots and videos in the related article


Manage your karaoke parties on a mobile platform from anywhere!

Our free EvoControl

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