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New Year’s gifts from the Studio Evolution

New Year’s gifts from the Studio Evolution


14th December

From December 14 to January 20, buy the Evolution Lite2 Plus karaoke system at a lower price!

Also, don’t miss the chance to get special New Year’s 10% discount for a full karaoke set including a device itself, microphones and/or an audio system!
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When you buy the Evolution Pro2 system or exchange your old karaoke machine for the new Evolution Pro2 under our Trade-In program, you get the Club service pack with a full set of the additional track packages* as a gift!

* except for Kazakh, Turkish and Latvian regional bases


A modern pro-class karaoke system will definitely make your clients happy in the new year!


— With the Club package, you can download the latest song updates for your Evolution Pro2 karaoke system a few times a week.

— Additional track packages allow your clients to sing favorite songs in multiple languages including Italian, German, Korean, Japanese, Tatar, Moldavian, Azerbaijani and Uzbek!

— Innovative EvoClub service offers an opportunity to improve your customer service and get rid of the numerous “relics of the past” such as cumbersome paper catalogs, excessive stress for KJs, etc. From now on, you can leave all the hard work to specially designed free EvoClub apps!