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цифровые микрофоны SE 200D

Wireless microphones SE • 200D from the Studio Evolution


14th December

Studio Evolution is happy to give you the SE • 200D digital microphone system designed specially for true karaoke enthusiasts. The new can boast of the highest quality of sounding, stylish design and user-friendly functionality. SE • 200D microphones make a sensible choice even for the loudest karaoke parties!


Enjoy perfect harmony of your voice with the SE • 200D wireless microphones:


— No static and distortions
— Ultra-short latency
— Holds a charge for 9 hours
— 40 meter beam
— Rubber shock-damping anti roll devices are included

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Оформление заявки на покупку микрофонов SE 200D

Караоке микрофоны SE 200D
Цена караоке-микрофонов SE 200D: 8100 UAH

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