There are simply no karaoke systems having a similar range of capabilities in the world!

Unique opportunities for development of your karaoke business

Do you want to dynamically develop your karaoke business? With the new “Evolution Pro2” karaoke system, it’s very easy to do this! Indeed, “Evolution Pro2” has a unique set of features for successful running the karaoke business.
We have added a large number of features that will help a sound engineer to arrange work with the karaoke system in much more comfortable and simpler way.
“Evolution Pro2” is a professional karaoke complex of a new generation which comprises an exclusive set of features.
ОС Linux Evolution

Linux Evolution™
An operating system developed by the “Studio Evolution” Company

Записывай свой голос

A recording studio for your guests
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Поддержка Full HD

Full HD karaoke support in 1920*1080 resolution

Смотри видео Studio Evolution

Unique databases of karaoke songs in Pro and Lite formats

Многоязычная база караоке песен

Unique foreign databases of songs in English, German, Italian, Tatar, and Kazakh languages

Палец вверх

Unique performance quality scoring based on the voice analysis

Микрофоны от Studio Evolution

Possibility to connect microphones directly to the karaoke system

Функция умного поиска

An advanced intelligent search tool

Управляй настройками звука

Volume control
Possibility of separate control of two microphones volumes, karaoke track volume and the total volume
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Настройки звука

Additional effects for the microphones
3 Reverb levels and 3 Delay levels, as well as a possibility to connect a compressor for each microphone

Слушай любимую музыку

Handy in-built player for background music playback

Логотип клуба Шаляпин

Possibility to upload and display your karaoke club logo on the guests’ screens in the hall
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Система Evoclub

Electronic catalogues, song ordering automation, and internal chat for guests. The “EvoClub” system consists of two series: “EvoClub Admin” series and “EvoClub Guest” series. Soon to be launched: “EvoClub User” series.

Обновление онлайн

Prompt database update
Update of the song database and software, provided the karaoke system is connected to the Internet

New sound quality

Guests will visit your karaoke club again and again if they have great fun by performing their favourite songs themselves. And one of the key roles here belongs to the sound quality. That is precisely why we paid special attention to the audio component when developing our new “Evolution Pro2” karaoke system

Цифра 1

The database of karaoke tracks (of all formats – Pro, Lite, CDG) has been completely updated.

Цифра 2

A new sound processing algorithm for Pro format backing tracks has been adopted.

Цифра 3

Conceptually new sound quality for Lite format backing tracks is provided due to the Evolution МХ6 software midi-unit (a new product made by the “Studio Evolution” Company).

Цифра 4

An advanced algorithm for high quality modulation of karaoke tracks has been adopted.

Format “Pro”

Example 1

Example 2

Format “Lite”

Example 1.1

Example 2.1

With the help of modulation
the sound engineer “adjusts” a karaoke track to individual features of the performer’s voice by changing the song key during the performance or setting the necessary key beforehand.

This function, as well, makes it possible for women vocalists to perform men’s vocal parts, and for men, in their turn, to sing the women’s ones.

Караоке в клубе

Examples of modulation in Pro format

Poor modulation causes “gurgling”, “snaps”, the rhythm of the backing track begins to “float”.

High quality modulation

Example 1

Example 2

Poor modulation

Example 1.1

Example 2.1

New level of handiness

We have done all that is necessary to make administration and control of the “Evolution Pro2” karaoke system as convenient as possible

EvoClub” System is an absolutely new format of song ordering in a karaoke club!

Логотип Evoclub Admin

“EvoClub Admin” series (included in the basic features set) allows the karaoke club Administrator to help a guest to find and order a desired song and to write a text message to the sound engineer.

download EvoClub Admin Series
Логотип Evoclub Guest

“Evoclub Guest” series (option) – allows the club’s guests to search and order a desired karaoke track using a pad device, to conduct an internal chat with other guests of the club, with the Administrator and the sound engineer*.

Download EvoClub Guest Series Download EvoClub Guest Series

*Technical requirements for Android pads: 7” or 10.1” capacitive display, at least 1GB RAM, Dual Core Processor of 1GHz and higher, OS Android 4.1 and higher.

Обновление онлайн

Updating of the “Evolution Pro2” karaoke system repertoire and software is made directly through the karaoke system interface (a mandatory requirement is connection to the Internet and registration of the system).

With “Evolution Pro2”, you can provide recording of your karaoke club guests’ performance with one mouse click (it is also possible to copy the record to a flash storage device).

Удобный поиск композиций

Conventional search criteria (by title, artist, lyrics, by all criteria) have been enriched with the new ones: by genre, by language group, by format, by popularity (top100).

Боремся с пиратским контентом

Possibility of adding a track or a performer to the black list has been adopted (this function is accessible only to the Administrator).

Личный аккаунт владельца системы

A comfortable personal area on the “Studio Evolution” Company website where it is possible to view song catalogues, messages about the Company’s news, to order new songs and to get all necessary information about your karaoke system.

Караоке система Pro2 надежно защищена от взлома


“Evolution Pro2” is a reliable tool for running your business.

We have done the best we could to provide the maximum reliability of the “Evolution Pro2” karaoke system operation in “extreme” conditions (as it typically takes place in most karaoke clubs: dust, voltage jumps, long-term running etc.).

The “Evolution Pro2” karaoke system has been built on the basis of the “Linux Evolution™” OS. We developed this operating system specially to provide stable operation of “Evolution” professional karaoke systems.

Логотип ОС Linux Evolution

The hardware part of “Evolution Pro2” consists of reliable components made by worldwide known manufacturers. Besides, the “Evolution Pro2” karaoke system adopts electronic units developed and produced by the “Studio Evolution” company technicians.

Starting to develop “Evolution Pro2”, we set ourselves a goal to create the most reliable and handy karaoke system. And, without false modesty, we should note that we worked it out well. The software package for the “Evolution Pro2” karaoke system was being developed, in total, for about 4 years. In the process of its evolution, the karaoke system was undergoing many changes, improvements and enhancements. A masterpiece cannot be created in one day!

In case of the karaoke system failure, the “Studio Evolution” Company offices provide a possibility of offering a courtesy device.
Логотип Evolution Pro2
Настройка и обслуживание
In urgency cases, it is also possible to provide a remote technical service of your karaoke system software part (upon condition that it is connected to the Internet).

Even more songs

Each performer has his/her own music preferences. Some like rock, some like chanson, the others prefer pop music.

And all the guests can be pleased only if the club has in its arsenal the biggest possible list of high quality karaoke tracks.

In “Evolution Pro2”, each guest of your karaoke club will surely find this very song that he or she will wish to perform.

All backing tracks for “Evolution Pro2” have been re-recorded or replaced specially to provide irreproachable sounding of your karaoke system.

New song catalogues

Updated electronic catalogues of karaoke tracks (completely ready to be printed at a printshop) are supplied with the “Evolution Pro2” karaoke system as a part of complete set.

Бумажный каталог караоке песен

Catalogue by title

Бумажный каталог караоке песен

Catalogue by artist

Бумажный каталог караоке песен

Catalogue of foreign songs

Song catalogues of karaoke system updates are available for downloading in electronic form (after the user has registered the karaoke system on the “Studio Evolution” Company web site).

The price of Evolution Pro2

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