Additions & Accessories Evolution Pro2

Логотип Evoclub Guest

«EvoClub Guest» series

База Видеоке

“Videoke” database

Дополнительное оборудование EVC15

VGA signal converter for 5 composite outputs of EVC 15
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Усилитель EPA4

EPA4 microphone preamplifier
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Update Packs

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1 Year


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Number of updates 12 updates 12 updates 13+ updates 1 update
Where can I purchase the update package? On your personal account page at
Karaoke systems compatible with the update package Evolution Pro2 Evolution Pro2, Evolution Lite2, Evolution Lite2 Plus, Evolution Compact HD, Evolution Home HDEvolution Home HD v2.0
Can I download and install the update on my own? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Is there an opportunity to download and install the update using Studio Evolution service center? Yes
Is there an opportunity to download and install tracks a few times per week, when they are ready to download? Yes
Price, EURO 459 413 310 55

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The “Club” update is available for Evolution Pro2 and includes the most recent hits your cozy spot can get. The main feature of the package is that songs available can be downloaded a few times a week.

  • The “Club” pack includes 12 updates for the 1-year period
  • During the month, you can add 100 more songs as they are released
  • Your club is always ahead of its counterparts offering better choice of the latest hits
  • User-friendly notification system facilitating the work of a KJ

1 year

This Pack is meant for those karaoke device users who watch for the latest offers and want the freshest updates to be promptly downloaded to their karaoke systems.

The “1 YEAR” pack contains 12 updates for the 1-year period.

Promptness. The “1 year” Pack allows you to promptly replenish the song database with the latest musical tracks and to be the first to perform the freshest hits.

Convenience. With the “1 year” Pack you don’t have to make monthly payments, to wait for a confirmation: you can download the updates as soon as they appear.

Cost-effectiveness. Buying the “1 year” Pack, you save nearly 50% (of the total cost of 11 monthly updates).


This Pack is of interest for those who haven’t updated their karaoke systems for a long time and wants to order all updates issued by the SE Company by the current moment. Within the framework of the “Yesterday’s” Pack, download and installation of updates are made by the karaoke system user him-/herself. How to download an update. If the update procedure is done at the «Studio Evolution» Company Service Center, the service should be additionally paid (3,000 RUR) as well as the transportation costs (depending on the distance). Within the framework of this Pack, 3,000 new songs from the “Sunfly” Company foreign database are installed free of charge. For the karaoke systems produced within the period from 2005 to 2009, before downloading updates, it is necessary to replace the hard disc and, possibly, some other components (the service and the components are to be paid separately).

1 month

The “1 MONTH” Pack is meant for those karaoke device users who want to order any update of their choice of the existing ones or future updates.

Details of download and installation of updates for the karaoke systems made by the “Studio Evolution” Company

Step-by-step guide for the “Evolution Pro 2” karaoke system update

For the “Evolution Pro 2” device, update of the karaoke track database can be done in “Online” mode (provided the karaoke system is connected to the Internet) – download and installation of updates are done directly via the karaoke system interface.

The price of Evolution Pro2

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Promo! Club gift: when you buy/trade-in Evolution Pro2, the Club update package is a gift!
*until August 31, 2019, karaoke systems is limite

Evolution Pro2 price – 3948 EURO

 Evolution Pro2 Karaoke system EN

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