The brand new sound of
Evolution Lite22019 karaoke system

купити караоке эволюшн лайт 2 плюс как подключить

Concert sound and advanced functionality of the legendary Lite2 version 2019

What’s new?

Your voice sounds perfectly as at a concert!

24-bit ADC and convenient parametric EQ allow maximum fine tuning of your microphone and guarantee your voice will sound excellent.

Professional vocal processing

Профессиональный подход к обработке вокала

— A large number of new voice effects
— Delay auto-sync with song tempo
— Tap button for the Delay effect control

Impressive sound of karaoke tunes

Впечатляющее звучание фонограммы

With the premium 32-bit DAC by AKM karaoke songs sound maximum natural and expressive.

Keeping the secrets of your best performances

Качественное изменение тональности

For every song from your favorite list the tempo, pitch, effects and microphone volume settings are saved automatically.

Share your performance in messengers and social networks!

Save your performance on a tablet or smartphone in one click with EvoNet app.
Share your best performances with friends!

EvoNet for iPhone and Android smartphone
Download EvoNet on iTunes Download EvoNet on Google Play
Evonet караоке машина evolution pro 2
home karaoke evolution lite2 plus

As before, the smallest karaoke system in the world!

«Evolution Lite22019»

combines karaoke, a recording studio and professional voice processing in a single device!
Big capabilities in a small case!

Background music between performances

Фоновая музыка между выступлениями

For the Karaoke machine for home, we developed a convenient built-in player for background music playback.

Performers’ queue maintenance

Ведение очереди выступления

Regulation of guests’ performances means the possibility to add tracks to a list for their further playback by turn.
It is possible to adjust tempo and key of the selected tracks prior to their playback.

Automatic performance scoring*

Автоматическая оценка выступления

The «Evolution Lite22019» karaoke system uses a leading edge procedure for performance scoring – «SmartScoring».
Smartscoring is based on the comparison of the performer’s voice tune with that of the reference melody (the reference melody is recorded for each track), that is based on correct “hitting” the notes.

* only for Pro and Lite format songs.

Performance recording

High quality recording of songs at your home

With «Evolution Lite22019» you can record your performances just by simple pressing the button on the remote control or in the EvoNet and EvoControl applications!
Now you can record each your performance to the karaoke system, and then, demonstrate your talent to your friends and even to your to-be producers. After all, with the «Evolution Lite22019» karaoke system, you are merely obliged to become a Star!

Амплитуда трека записанного на Lite2
Подвесной профессиональный микрофон
Поющий человек в наушниках

Support of Full HD karaoke

Поддержка Full HD

As a background, a video in Full HD format is used, which significantly beautifies performances and pauses between them.

Thousands of original video clips

It is a special delight to perform a song accompanied by the original video clip.

We have added to the «Evolution Lite22019 Plus» karaoke system thousands of music video clips synchronized with karaoke tracks.

Handy, user-friendly interface

The interface of «Evolution Lite22019» is structured in such a manner that a user will easily set up the karaoke system, find the desired track and manage its playback.
This interface is a joy to use!


Connection of two microphones

You can connect two microphones to «Evolution Lite22019». Due to professional voice processing, you will be able to make your performances even more impressive and unforgettable!

Мужчина держит два микрофона

Smart search of songs

Интеллектуальный поиск

The smart search function will help you to quickly find a track basing on incomplete information even if there was a mistake made in the search query.
The search can be done by the song title, artist, genre, code, and lyrics fragments.

Controlling the karaoke system via remote control, a pad and iPhone

You can control your karaoke system using the remote control and the proprietary application for control from iPad (Evocontrol), Android tablet (EvoControl), iPhone (EvoNet), Android (EvoNet).

Управляйте караоке системой со смартфона или планшета
Download EvoControl on Google Play
Android tablets (EvoControl)
Download EvoNet on iTunes
iPhone (EvoNet)

Information display

Displays basic information about a song: its code, format, availability of backing vocal and original video clip, its title and artist, as well as its duration and elapsed playback time.

Wi-Fi module for Internet connection

Wi-Fi модуль

Is designed for connection to wireless networks.

Convenient update

Удобное обновление

Download and installation of updates is made through the Internet: quickly, handily and easily.

«Linux Evolution™» Operating System

Операционная система Linux Evolution

The «Evolution Lite22019» karaoke system uses «Linux Evolution™» as an operating system. It is built on the basis of Linux OS, which ensures its stable operation.

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