Online Media

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“Evolution Home HD” Karaoke Media Center provides easy and quick access to the up-to-date media content. You will always be informed of the freshest news, weather forecast and the latest world events!

Fresh news

Встроенный поиск от Yandex
You are staying informed of all up-to-date events even while you are having a recreation!

When loading the Online Media section, the latest messages from the Yandex.News web resource are transmitted.

Use of popular media resources

Смотрите видео на Youtube
“Evolution Home HD” Karaoke Media Center provides a possibility to browse the content of various video services

For example: YouTube, listening to online radio stations; searching for photos in the Internet.

The number of online services


Девушка выбирает систему Evolution

Video materials in online mode

Смотри все в режиме онлайн
With “Evolution Home HD” Karaoke Media Center, you can view movies, cartoons, and video clips directly from the Internet, without previous download to the HDD.

Weather forecast

Виджет погоды в караоке системе
When switching on “Evolution Home HD” Karaoke Media Center, information about the weather conditions in the areas of your interest is downloaded automatically.

DLNA support

Поддерживает набор стандартов DLNA
“Evolution Home HD” Karaoke Media Center supports the DLNA protocol. This gives you a possibility to playback the online media content from your Android or iOs device on a large TV screen.

(!) Possibly, you will have to install some additional software on your mobile device (for example, the imediashare application).