Karaoke-system Evolution Home HD

Become a star without leaving home

With «Evolution Home HD», you will perform your favourite songs to professional accompaniment at your home. It’s only you who decides what, when, and how to sing. Moreover, only those listeners will be present at your performance whom you will invite to your home concert yourself.

Рыжий парень держит проводной микрофон

Enhanced catalogue of tracks

Обложки музыкальных альбомов
Among a big number of tracks of various genres and styles, you will be certainly able to choose a song of your interest.

The basic complete set of the device includes karaoke tracks in Russian, Ukrainian, Byelorussian, English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German languages.
It’s possible to additionally order enhanced databases of songs in other languages.


Умный поиск
The Smart Search function allows to quickly find a track by partial information about it, even if there was a mistake made in the search query.

You can perform a search by:

  • song title
  • artist
  • genre
  • code
  • lyrics fragment
  • language
  • popularity
  • other parameters

Maintenance of the Performance Queue

Создавай списки любимых песен
The Queue Maintenance function
makes it possible to add tracks to the list for their consecutive playback.

Your party with friends

will turn into a true concert – the performers will come upon the stage one after another free and easy, as if it were a show of professional pop singers.
Пойте в караоке вместе в друзьями

Handy sorting of tracks

Качественные музыкальные композиции
Find it hard to choose a song? Sorting by genre will help you to decide what you would like to sing and find the right track (Chanson, Russian Rock, Russian Pop, Duets, Folk, Romances, Military, and Children’s songs).

Helps you during your performance

Живые инструменты
There are two basic components necessary for vocal triumph: the performer’s voice and proper musical accompaniment.

The following special functions of the karaoke system will help you to provide the best combination of these two components:

  1. Countdown before the start of performance will help you to “enter” at the right time. A graphic prompt will be displayed on the screen indicating the start of the karaoke track basic part.
  2. The prompting melody will help you to correctly catch the key and rhythm of the music track, to “hit the notes”. The volume of the prompting melody can be adjusted. On default, during the karaoke track playback, the prompting melody is switched off!

Background music between performances

Качественные музыкальные композиции
During the pauses between tracks, the karaoke system automatically switches on music playback. You can change and supplement the list of background music tracks by yourself.

Various types of the video background

Коллаж из фотографий
Being accompanied by a high quality video sequence, your performance will make a greater impression on the listeners and help them to completely immerse in the atmosphere of the song that you are singing.
  • For a big number of karaoke tracks (about 7000), original video clips synchronized with a karaoke track serve as the video background.
  • It is possible to display preset Full HD backgrounds on the screen.
  • Another type of the video background can be an animated slide show of your favourite photos.
  • There is also a possibility to connect a web camera that will display your performance on a large screen.

Adjustment of a song to the performer’s voice

Караоке минусовки
Each individual person is unique, each voice is special. Any karaoke track requires certain adjustment to make it perfectly correspond to your voice features and performance style.

Due to adopted in the “Evolution Home HD” device, you can vary the key and tempo of the tracks within a broad range without audible distortions.

Performer’s voice processing effects

Интерфейс управления эффектами
It is possible to connect two microphones for singers directly to “Evolution Home HD” Karaoke Media Center.

The professional karaoke system of the device comprises an in-built software-based mixing console that provides high quality delay and reverberation effects (Delay and Reverb).
With these effects switched on, your voice will sound more skilled, deep-toned, and expressive.

It’s well known that
the taste
of any dish

can be improved by adding proper spices to it. And it is the effects of the vocalist’s voice processing that serve as “proper spices” for your performance.
Силуэт гитары из фруктов и овощей

Handy Control

You can conveniently control all functions of the “Karaoke” section from your iPad using the “EvoHomeHD” application.

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