Additions & Accessories for Evolution Home HD


Web камера для караоке системы
LifeCam Studio
Full HD web-camera is completely adapted to work with Evolution Lite2 karaoke system.

Price is given by the regional representative

Free of charge

Приложение для караоке системы

EvoHomeHD an application for iPhone and iPad for remote control of the karaoke system

Update Packs

The Pack name 1 year Yesterday’s  1 month
Number of updates 12 updates  Pack  1 update
Possibility of download and installation by the user him-/herself Yes Yes Yes
Possibility of download and installation by the “Studio Evolution” Company Service Center No


If your karaoke system is missing more than 11 updates

Price, USD Check with the regional representative Check with the regional representative Check with the regional representative

If you do not want to install updates yourself, our specialists will help you with this.Take advantage of “Individual approach”.
To order the service, please contact the company representative in your area.

**A possibility to order an Update Pack is available only in the Personal Area and only to registered users.

1 year

This Pack is meant for those karaoke device users who watch for the latest offers and want the freshest updates to be promptly downloaded to their karaoke systems. The “1 YEAR” pack contains 11 updates for the 1-year period.

Promptness. The “1 year” Pack allows you to promptly replenish the song database with the latest musical tracks and to be the first to perform the freshest hits.

Convenience. With the “1 year” Pack you don’t have to make monthly payments, to wait for a confirmation: you can download the updates as soon as they appear.

Cost-effectiveness. Buying the “1 year” Pack, you save nearly 50% (of the total cost of 11 monthly updates).


This Pack will be of interest for those who haven’t updated their karaoke systems for a long time and want to order all updates issued by the SE Company by the current moment. Within the framework of the “Yesterday’s” Pack, download and installation of updates are made by the karaoke system user him-/herself. If the update procedure is done at the «Studio Evolution» Company Service Center, the service should be additionally paid as well as the transportation costs (depending on the distance).

1 month

The “1 MONTH” Pack is meant for those karaoke device users who want to order any update of their choice of the existing ones or future updates.

Details of download and installation of updates for karaoke systems made by the “Studio Evolution” Company

For the “Evolution Home HD” device, update of the karaoke track database can be done in two modes:

  1. “Online” mode (provided the karaoke system is connected to the Internet) – download and installation of updates are done directly via the karaoke system interface.
  2. “Offline” mode – updates are downloaded to a service flash memory device via a PC having access to the Internet. After that, the flash memory should be connected to the karaoke system and the updates should be copied to the database.

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