Приложение Evocontrol для Evolution Pro2

A trustworthy KJ’s assistant for a spot with the Evolution Pro2 karaoke system

We have upgraded our EvoControl app! From now on, it offers user-friendly control of the Evolution Pro2 karaoke system!

Now KJs and administrators can manage any karaoke event using iPad. All the necessary settings and controls are available in the EvoControl app. Just connect the tablet to the Wi-Fi network of your club or bar, log on to the EvoControl application and select your Evolution Pro2 karaoke system.

Our free EvoControl app is ready-to-go and can be easily installed on your iPad. It is compatible with iOS 9.0 and higher.

Song request processing

The EvoControl application contains the online track catalog of your Evolution Pro2 karaoke system. Regardless of the side of the club hall, it allows you to easily add clients’ song requests to the play queue or add/reject requests sent via the EvoClub app.

Обработка заказов в EvoControl

Playback queue management

With the EvoControl, you get the ability to change the table number of the song in the queue, as well as change tracks’ play order, and replace/delete tracks from the queue.

Управление очередью в EvoControl

Manage your recording, background music and playlists

In just one click, you can record clients’ performances and change background music for intermissions with the EvoControl app installed on your tablet. Create playlists of favorite songs for regular clients, easily add and edit the lists at any time.


Chat with club visitors using the EvoClub app. Answer the questions of your clients and help them choose songs that match perfectly their mood.

Чат в EvoControl

Mixer and Equalizer

Change the play tone and tempo of the songs, control the effects and settings of the microphone with your tablet. Configure the general sounding of your karaoke system with our 28-band graphic equalizer.

Микшер и эквалайзер в EvoControl

Single Monitor Mode

A useful feature for leisure venues providing no opportunity to install an individual monitor for a KJ. With the single monitor mode enabled, one video output is enabled and only the guest screen is displayed. The KJ, in turn, can use the EvoControl app instead of a disabled control interface. All major functions (except for downloading updates and administration) will be available on the iPad. The single monitor mode can be enabled in the Settings menu: Settings → General. Also, you can enable/disable the mode using the Ctrl+Shift+M keyboard shortcut.

Одноэкранный режим в Evolution Pro2

Secure access to your karaoke system

In order to manage karaoke parties in a secure way, set a login and password for your employees so nobody else could get access to the karaoke system. You can enable secure access in the Settings menu: Settings → Administration.

Защищенный доступ в EvoControl

Make the job of your KJ or a karaoke host as easy and comfortable as possible. With the EvoControl app, they are no longer “tied” to the management screen and can move freely paying more attention to the song requests and wishes of your clients. With the EvoControl, all karaoke parties at your spot turn into unforgettable events!