The EvoClub User

The EvoClub User: an innovative app for karaoke club visitors

The EvoClub is capable to create a warm and comfy atmosphere!
Удобный поиск песен
Добавляйте песни в любимые
Высокое качество звучания

User-friendly search function

Your personal account containing a list of your favorite songs

An option to order a track in a click

With the EvoClub User app installed on your smartphone, you can fully enjoy singing and having a good time with friends. Obviously, you don’t need to select favorite tunes from awkward and outdated paper catalogs or bother a KJ to request a song, and adjust the tone.

Just do thing you like most of all: sing and have fun!

The EvoClub: a unique brand-new service for karaoke club denizens

Evoclub User Songs Catalog
Pink Floyd songs in Evoclub User App

The EvoClub is an innovative system that turns a karaoke club into a perfect relaxation spot for you to stay.

The e-catalogue of the EvoClub app contains the most complete and up-to-date list of karaoke songs provided by Studio Evolution company. With new track search and request options it’s so easy to forget about all those karaoke clubs from the past that are far from perfect. Singing your favorite songs has never been easier!

Find out more at the official EvoClub website:

Track search is both easy and very comfy

The EvoClub User app makes it easy to choose a song that best suits your mood, be it a chart-topping hit or a theme song from your favorite movie.

The EvoClub User allows every karaoke fan to choose from wide range of songs in no time.

The unique app is capable to quickly find a tune you like by its title, artist or lyrics. As a result, theme search itself takes a few quick seconds, even if you don’t remember the artist’s name or song title.

With the EvoClub User you can easily forget about:

  • waiting for a messy paper song catalogue;
  • looking around for a tune list that got lost in the middle of the party;
  • flipping through the pages covered with cocktail stains trying to read (or guess) a song title.

Choose your song from the most complete and up-to-date e-catalogue

If you’re out of ideas, you can always count on “search by genre” option. Walk down memory lane listening to retro tunes; sing a duet with friends; let your child to choose a favorite kiddy song to sing.

To improve search result, feel free to use the language menu. It limits search results and makes it easy to find that very theme of yours.

Keep up with the new hits!

New songs in the Evoclub User App
Favorite artists in the Evoclub User

Every month, Studio Evolution company adds a hundred of the most popular karaoke songs to its catalogue. With the EvoClub app you can easily access it.

Every single update provides a wider choice of hot hits to you and offers you more ways to have real fun with your dearest and nearest in your favorite karaoke club. Keep up with the most trendy tunes ever!

Manage a personal list of your favorite tunes

Feel free to save the list of songs you like most of all. It may come in handy when you want to amaze your friends with your great singing voice.

There’s no more need for you to spend painful minutes looking for a song or setting optimal playback options. Chill out, let the high technologies do all the hard work for you!

Also, the personal list of tunes makes it easy for you to come up with the best ideas related to your repertoire. Whatever the place and situation, push the heart icon near to your favorite track and save the custom playback preferences.

Customize your playback preferences

Order a song in the Evoclub User
Settings in the Evoclub User

Seeking a way to perform an ideal solo (or duo) without a perfect voice?

There’s a solution right for you!
The EvoClub User app allows you to change the tone and tempo of every song in your list. All you need is to let a KJ know about your preferences before you come up with the song.

  • Every tune in the app comes with two playback options:
  • LITE format: a perfect choice for beginners;
    PRO (CDG) format: an option for experienced singers who can fully appreciate professional musical accompaniment and hard work of backing vocalists.

Request the songs remotely

Once a theme is been chosen, you need to press Request button in order to let a KJ know about your vocal performance.

The EvoClub provides a full list of your most recent requests. In case of need, you can easily edit the list and change the preferences. In addition, Request History keeps a list of tracks you like the most, and songs you performed last week.

Share the link to the EvoClub User app with your friends; give them an opportunity to choose and sing the songs that make their day!

Enjoy the warm atmosphere of karaoke clubs without any fuss

The EvoClub is supported by all karaoke clubs that use the advantage of the Evolution Pro 2 system.

It will take a few quick minutes to install and configure the app. The first experience with the EvoClub User will make you forget about all those awkward and messy paper catalogs and frustrating attempts to catch a KJ. All the fuss about the karaoke song requests is now just a part of your past.

All you need is just to follow these simple steps:


Download and install the EvoClub User app for free and log in with your facebook/vk account credentials


Connect* to the club’s karaoke system

*ask the club staff for the PIN, if needed


Request a song using the app’s e-catalog


Have fun

Choose the right format to make the most of your favorite pastime!