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Караоке кейс

Предназначен для легкой и удобной транспортировки караоке-комплектов. EvoCase сделан из прочного материала, в нем компактно и надёжно размещаются: караоке-система, микрофоны и все необходимые комплектующие.

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250 USD

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Travel case for karaoke as a gift!

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karaoke kits with EVOBOX Plus

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концерт сцена

A boon for karaoke machine rental businesses
EEvoCase is a reliable and practical solution for karaoke industry professionals who specialize in karaoke machine rental and organize on-site karaoke events.
No more cardboard boxes, tangled cords and damaged equipment for you!
With EvoCase, you can easily deliver everything you need to a karaoke party and take everything back in the same easy and convenient way.

белый кейс
evocase внутри

EvoCase: what’s inside?

1. Section for accessories
2. Karaoke system EVOBOX or Evolution Lite2
3. Receiver for SE • 200D microphones
4. The remote control
5. Wireless Microphones SE • 200D
    with a section for spare batteries

караоке вечеринка
Do you like to visit friends?
If so, take a karaoke system with you!
Amaze your friends and relatives by throwing a surprise karaoke party.
EvoCase with a karaoke system can easily fit into the car, train or plane.

The party-goers will definitely like and appreciate the surprise.
Черный Чемодан для караоке

specification and equipment

Weight: 4,9 kg
Dimensions: 641 × 390 × 135 mm
Wall material: PVC
Cradles: EVA
Ribs: Anodized duralumin
Corners and locks: steel
Handle: metallized plastic
Keys: 2 pcs.

Чемодан для караоке
profit Check with the regional representative USD

250 USD


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Karaoke system


Karaoke system

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Digital microphones

Microphones SE • 200D

Digital microphones

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Acoustic system

EvoSound Sphere

Acoustic system

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