“Panem et circenses!”
– this phrase doesn’t lose its applicability at all times. That is why the entertainment industry has always been and still remains a very profitable direction in business.
However, to make the entertainment business developing dynamically, the guests of your place should be constantly offered new opportunities of amusement.
Karaoke is a new breath in the existing entertainment business and a winning idea for opening a new entertainment place – a karaoke club..

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Karaoke is an ideal tool to achieve the goal!

Do you want to know why?

Karaoke is popular

4 девушки поют в караоке

There are many people who love to sing, but just a few become professional singers. For those who haven’t achieved the laurels of a star of the big stage, karaoke is a unique possibility to implement their talent and ambitions, and also to de-stress themselves after everyday work.

Karaoke doesn’t rank people by their social status. Indeed, karaoke can be sung by a poor student as well as a successful businessman, a tired housewife, and even by a well-known politician. Singing is an ever-living source of drive and of positive emotions for anybody!

It is karaoke projects where many stars of the modern stage appeared on screens for their first time. So, it’s not by chance that the most top-rated TV programs are, in some way or other, connected with karaoke.

Reasons of karaoke places popularity:

Цифра 1

Only positive emotions

Karaoke will never cause you any “side effects”. Performance of karaoke songs doesn’t lead to a morning hangover or headache. This amusement leaves solely pleasant memories to everybody, so you will wish to come to the karaoke club again and again.

Цифра 2

A chance to “show your worth”

Certainly, one can sing karaoke also at home – there exist home karaoke systems intended for this. Yet, most performers eventually feel the need in his/her sincere audience. To see enthusiastic faces of the karaoke club guests and to hear a big round of applause addressed to you – that is the best award to a performer.

Цифра 3

Possibility to meet like-minded persons

Karaokers are special and very positive people. It’s extremely important for them to meet, to communicate, to share experience with their soul-mates. At present, a great number of forums and portals dedicated to karaoke movement have been created, but communication in online mode will never be a substitute for a real meeting with friends in a favourite karaoke club!

Karaoke is paying

Positive emotions experienced by the guests are a great virtue for any efficiently-run place. However, the key target of a business is to bring profit to its owner. And availability of the karaoke component is, without any doubt, a successful investment with a big commercial potential.

Зарабатывайте деньги на караоке

Economic advantages of the karaoke business:

Цифра 1

Reasonable initial investments

A special peculiarity of the karaoke business is its economic “versatility” – karaoke will produce profit at places having absolutely different status: both in a fashionable restaurant located in the central part of a city and in a little café

in the suburbs. Initial investments in the first and the second case will certainly differ. But availability of the karaoke component will undoubtedly be worthwhile in both of them.

Цифра 2

Minimum overhead costs

Overhead costs for the karaoke component may include purchase of updates for the karaoke database, payment for work of sound engineers and backing vocalists (if they are available), periodic printing of song catalogues

(this is necessary only if you so far do not use the EvoClub system), technical maintenance of the equipment. And that’s about it.

Цифра 3

Possibility of simple and reliable control of the business

“Evolution” karaoke systems support a feature of automatic statistics maintenance which provides a complete transparence of karaoke service payment process.

Therefore, a risk of financial fraud from the part of employees or the club guests is reduced to zero.

Цифра 4

Availability of tried and tested business models

Starting the karaoke business, you don’t have to “reinvent the wheel” – there is a great number of successfully working business models used in really functioning

profitable karaoke places. You can get more detailed consultation on these issues from the “Studio Evolution” Company representatives in your region.

Цифра 5

Possibility to integrate the karaoke component into an existing business scheme

If you already have a functioning entertainment place (a bar, a restaurant, a night club etc.) then it won’t take you big efforts and investments to embed the karaoke component.

Moreover, your place will start working in a non-stop mode: at day – as a restaurant, at evening/night – as a karaoke club. This means that your profit will grow not due to the area extension but thanks to modification of the entertainment place format and of its working schedule.

Karaoke is a self-sufficient entertainment program

karaoke unavailable

Scenario: the guests are coming to a restaurant, having a dinner and after that they are going to some other place to have fun – to a karaoke club or a disco club.

It’s not a secret that if a place can’t provide a full range of amusements the guests will be forced to “migrate” to other entertainment places for a logical follow-up of their party.
To retain a client at your place for a longer time, you should offer your guests extra opportunities for their rest.

However, attraction of outside entertainment resources (musicians, prestidigitators, dancers etc.) implies:

  • Extra financial expenses (often rather significant).
  • Organizational difficulties. The Art Director of the entertainment place is charged with an additional task: he/she must skillfully select and harmoniously integrate an amusement program into the course of the party.
  • Time restrictions. Any invited artists will amuse your guests only for a limited period, while the karaoke component isn’t restricted with any time constraints.
karaoke available

Scenario: the guests are coming to a restaurant, having a dinner, singing karaoke without leaving the place, having a drink, having a meal again… this cycle may last till the very morning.

With the karaoke component available, your guests will have no need in moving anywhere in search for new impressions – they will be able to spend all the evening at your place and have fun entirely by themselves with great relish.

And it’s most likely that next time the contented client will visit you again bringing his friends with him to spend one more unforgettable evening…

Thanks to karaoke, your client database increases

you are saving on advertising

Every karaoke fan sooner or later starts to wish to share his vocal creativity success with friends and acquaintances. Due to this fact, new guests are getting into your entertainment place in a natural way. Later on, with a great probability, they themselves become the karaoke club frequenters.

This process leads to permanent, steady growth of the number of new guests of your place (note that this will take place without large-scale advertising campaigns!).

Karaoke is of demand


In a restaurant

In a restaurant, karaoke is a logical follow-up of the guests’ rest after a dinner.

Ночной клуб

In a night club

In a night club, karaoke is an interesting solution in addition to the dance floor. Well, sometimes guests come to their favourite night club in “non-dancing” spirits.

Детское караоке кафе

In a children’s café

In a children’s café, karaoke is a full-featured amusement and teaching program for children of different ages. In a playing form, karaoke helps children to learn both native and foreign languages as well as to develop their vocal skills<.

Караоке для развлечения

In entertainment complexes

In entertainment complexes (ski resorts, cruise liners, sanatoria etc.), karaoke is a supplementary component for diversifying the leisure of the resting guests.

Specialized karaoke clubs

Of particular interest for business are dedicated karaoke clubs, since it is these specialized places where you can implement all professional karaoke features to the fullest possible extent.

Стрелка вниз

Possibility to provide an ideal acoustic response of the room

Creating your karaoke club from the scratch, you can appropriately prepare the room taking into account all acoustic and technological requirements. In order to provide equally good sounding in all points of the hall, you should meet a whole range of acoustic and technological requirements as early as at initial stage. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to attract experts to the karaoke club design process but not to do this yourself.

It’s hard to achieve good sounding if, for example, a great part of the karaoke hall is lined with ceramic tiles, the walls are built of gypsum plasterboard without acoustic insulation, the room itself has a complex geometric configuration, and there are many glazed surfaces (this list of factors capable of having a negative influence on acoustic properties of the room is far from being complete).

Стрелка вниз

Possibility to position the screens correctly

An important requirement to be met during the karaoke club creation is to position the karaoke displays in the room in such a way that the vocalist performing a song could see the lyrics from any point of the hall.

Стрелка вниз

Attraction of backing vocalists

You can attract to your karaoke club some professional backing vocalists who will make your guests’ performances brilliant and unforgettable.

Стрелка вниз

You can organize VIP karaoke rooms in your karaoke club.

VIP karaoke rooms are a new trend in the karaoke business development. Their availability at karaoke clubs is reasonable in cases when the main karaoke hall is completely filled. In such circumstances, creation of VIP rooms gives the guests a possibility to sing karaoke in a separate space without having to wait for their turn in the queue.
Furthermore, private karaoke rooms are an excellent place to conduct family and corporate events. Many of the guests will be pleased with a possibility to sing the favourite songs in their company without presence of unnecessary persons.

Karaoke rooms give an opportunity to utilize the internal space of the entertainment place more efficiently, turning its shortcomings into advantages. For example, VIP rooms can be made in small premises without windows which could hardly be used for other purposes.
VIP halls may differ by their design style, size and technological equipment.

Existing schemes of service payment in karaoke places

Девушка поет в караоке

Payment for a song
The guests of your place pay for each performed song.

Счастливый билет

Payment for a club entrance ticket
The guests have to buy an entrance ticket giving them a right to perform an unlimited number of songs during the evening.

Оплата кредитной картой

Payment for the karaoke club membership
This working scheme implies a payment of established membership fee. The club membership gives a possibility to visit the karaoke club within a certain period without having to pay for each visit or for each separate performed song.

Как заплатить

Payment of a deposit
To obtain the right to perform songs, the entertainment place guests should make a minimum order for a certain sum. The deposit sum may vary depending on your place status, number of seats, day of the week, location of the table in the hall and so on.


Free-of-charge scheme
Usually, this scheme is used at the places where karaoke is not a key component. There exist clubs where karaoke is working in a free-of-charge mode till a fixed time, and after that, one of the above mentioned payment schemes comes into force.

Все делаем вовремя

Hourly payment for karaoke rooms
Hourly payment scheme is applied, generally, for karaoke rooms. Karaoke rooms are often reserved beforehand for a certain time for family or corporate events. Karaoke rooms can also be ordered in the course of the party, should the main hall be too crowded.

Колонки в багажнике машины

Karaoke-mobile (or a “karaoke club on wheels”) is a minibus equipped with professional karaoke equipment. This is a quite new but already very high-demand option.

Отличная музыка

Singing warm-up booths
The essence of this service is the following: having paid his/her stay in a separate booth equipped with a karaoke system, a guest can get ready for his/her vocal performance on the main hall stage.
This innovation was implemented for the first time in the “Duets” karaoke club in Moscow. At present, singing warm-up rooms appear also at other karaoke clubs wishing to render their guests a maximum number of professional karaoke services.

A karaoke-mobile may become a spice of the party conducted outside the city.

In a karaoke-mobile, you can make a singing warm-up party moving across the city in a karaoke club direction.

Karaoke-mobiles have an excellent sound insulation, therefore, staying inside them, one can sing everywhere without troubling the people around.

Karaoke clubs having at their disposal a karaoke-mobile can make it available for transportation of guests to the club from home or from another entertainment place. 

A karaoke-mobile is usually paid hourly.

Making choice in favour of one or several karaoke place working schemes depends on your personal preferences or on trends of karaoke business development conventional in your region.

All the payment schemes stated above have their advantages and disadvantages. Very often, entertainment places use combined schemes. For example, there exist karaoke clubs requiring the entrance ticket payment as well as separate payment for each performed song.  

As for the other clubs, you have to pay there a basic deposit and, additionally, for each performed song. There may be a plenty of variants!

How to structure the karaoke business correctly

The karaoke business in the CIS territory has its particularities. The karaoke business models working in America, Europe, or in Asia are scarcely applicable at our places.

In America, or instance, owners of karaoke places often do not give a due consideration to the audio equipment and the interior design. During breaks between singing, the guests usually help themselves to hamburgers and coca-cola :). Besides, it is commonly possible to sing karaoke at such places not at any time but only at the stated hours and on the stated days of the week.

In Asian countries (Japan, Korea and China), where karaoke has already for a long time been an entertainment of the national scale, karaoke clubs, as a rule, do not have a main hall. The premises consist of a big number of private rooms equipped with karaoke systems (in Korea they are called “norebangs”). In Japan, Korea and China, there exists a widespread practice of conducting a final part of business negotiations exactly in karaoke clubs.

In the Russian-speaking territory the most widely used format are karaoke clubs having one or several main halls. However, step-by-step, a combined variant is gaining popularity, when, along with a main hall, a karaoke club has from 1 to 7 separate karaoke rooms (in our opinion, this is the most optimum and viable business model for our region). The first ones who appreciated the advantages of the combined format were owners of karaoke places in Kazakhstan. An excellent example of this can be the “Hot2Be” karaoke club in Almaty.
Our restaurant-keepers spare no expenses for karaoke clubs equipment and interior design, that is why our karaoke clubs look like real concert venues and rouse a sincere admiration in visitors from Asia, Europe and America.

To build a profitable karaoke business, certain conditions should be observed:

Цифра 1

To choose the concept

Whether your entertainment place will be a dedicated karaoke club or the karaoke component will be provided at your place as an option. 

Цифра 2

To assess the possibility of creation

To assess the possibility of creation of a karaoke place in certain premises. For example, it’s not worth while creating a karaoke place in dwelling house or near to it (unfortunately, not all of the neighbors are karaoke devotees).

Цифра 3

To appropriately prepare the premises

To appropriately prepare the premises of your future karaoke club to provide its best acoustic response.

Цифра 4

To choose a professional karaoke system

A karaoke system is a key element at purchasing the equipment for a karaoke club. The guests who will visit your place are most likely aware of how a professional karaoke system must sound.
Therefore, making any compromises as to its quality is inadmissible. It’s merely impossible to buy high quality equipment for a low price!

Fairly often, the way many investors think is: “For a start, I’ll buy a cheaper version, and if my karaoke business goes well, I’ll purchase something better, more expensive”. This approach doesn’t work. Giving in to temptation of saving on the equipment at the start, you risk to lose your client forever. Indeed, having been disappointed once in quality of sounding, the guest will never return to your place, and you will merely have no opportunity to rehabilitate yourself having purchased a new, high-quality karaoke system.

Цифра 5

To correctly select, install and set up the audio, acoustic and lighting equipment.

We strongly recommend you to cooperate only with experts having an experience in design and creation particularly of karaoke-clubs in your region, since this will considerably cut down your expenses and give you a possibility to avoid mistakes!

To unveil all features of a professional karaoke system to the uttermost is possible only observing the following conditions:

  • correct choice of audio and acoustic equipment;
  • correct choice of position for all components of the installation;
  • professional level of the equipment assemblage;
  • final equipment adjustment for a particular room.

Fine adjustment of audio equipment is a quite complicated process that may take you more than one day, besides, it requires a high professional level from a specialist who will do it.

With incorrect choice, positioning and adjustment, even the most expensive equipment of eminent brands may sound worse than properly adjusted but cheaper similar devices. Therefore, in our opinion, the installer’s work in this case is of a key value!

Fine adjustment of audio equipment is a quite complicated process that may take you more than one day, besides, it requires a high professional level from a specialist who will make it. This is due to the fact that during sound adjustment it is necessary to take into consideration many external factors, such as:

  • varying occupancy of the karaoke hall,
  • possibility of making various kinds of parties in this karaoke club,
  • possibility of live musicians’ performance.

A skilled sound engineer knows the preferences of all regular clients in choosing the songs, and is able to provide for each guest a high quality sounding of the karaoke system and the microphones. Most of karaokers visit a karaoke club just for “their sound engineer”.

An administrator is a person who creates a comfort atmosphere at the place, manages the queue of the guests wishing to perform songs and controls unswerving observance of the karaoke club rules. An administrator must be a skilled psychologist capable of dampening down conflicts and eliminate difficult moments inevitably arising in the course of the work of your entertainment place.

Professional backing vocalists. The main task of a backing vocalist is to correct weak points of the guest’s voice in such a way that the main performer would be absolutely assured that this fabulous performance is his own merit. An egregious blunder made by backing vocalists is that they ever so often are trying to excel the guest at singing, demonstrating their own vocal mastery. Unfortunately, there exist not so many good backing vocalists. And it often takes a karaoke club quite a lot of efforts to find real professionals or to train them by its own efforts.

Цифра 6

To provide high quality of the karaoke club clients servicing

Positive emotions experienced by the karaoke club guests directly depend on professional work of the club staff.

Цифра 7

Adhere to necessary requirements for observing a copyright

Stated below is an example for karaoke clubs working in the Russian Federation territory.

In accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation, any entertainment place using an audio or video playback equipment for commercial purposes is obliged to conclude an agreement with the “Russian Authors’ Society” in order to obtain a possibility of public playback of media content.

The “Russian Authors’ Society” is a nationally accredited organization representing the interests of both Russian and foreign copyright holders.
In every country, there exist similar organizations having a scheme of working with them similar to working with the RAS.

Stated above are just a few of key factors acting in the karaoke business.

Of course, in the process of creation of a karaoke club there arise lots of other nuances that should be dealt with by appropriate specialists.
If you have finally taken a decision to open your karaoke club or to supplement the existing business of yours with the karaoke component, then you definitely should visit similar places in your city. This will help you to get a comprehensive idea of particularities of running the karaoke business in your region, and to avoid unpleasant and costly mistakes in your project.

“Evolution” karaoke systems

Having been working in the professional karaoke systems market since 2005, the “Studio Evolution” Company confidently takes the leading positions.

Караоке для бизнеса

At present, there exist not so many karaoke systems capable to satisfy the demands of sophisticated performers.

Most of the karaoke clubs all over the world where one can sing in Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, and Byelorussian languages use “Evolution” karaoke systems.

We have put into life a lot of interesting karaoke projects and will be glad to share with you the information necessary for building your own karaoke business.

With “Evolution” karaoke systems, your business
will sound in a new way!